Je suis texte


Studies say that for an average learner of foreign languages in order to effectively memorize a new word, it is necessary to (re-) learn it seven times over. On the other hand, it is wildly unknown how often one hast to look at a shape in order to achieve a similar effect. Perhaps having a terrible memory for names isn’t so much an individual defect but rather the outcome of the collective exposure to what we call advertisement.


In France and England Monsieur de Gaulle and Mister Churchill hardly need to drop their names anymore. Interestingly, neither Adolph Hitler nor Franklin D. Rosevelt have ever gotten into similar shape. While the former managed to cast an enormous metaphorical shadow, the latter’s typical quality was carefully hidden from the public.
Instead of similarity, a moustache and a wheelchair can only rely on iconic reference. Stalin changed his name to Stalin, that’s an entirely different story.


While tourists might be busy trying to find out what BHV means, they don’t need to spend extra time thinking about Mickey Mouse or love. Both are readily available.
The advertisement of the future will not require this detour of depiction anymore. As soon as the target enters a force field, childhood memories of Mickey Mouse will be activated or, if necessary, implemented. Flooding the psyche with the feeling ‘love’ will still be challenging, though.
In order to determine an understanding of love, the algorithm will have to accompany and observe every individual for a long time, scanning its neural activities in contexts of strong affection and pain. And yet, there is the risk that, these were moments of strong affection and pain. The actual ‘love-event’ was missed.
However, I will never know the kind of love the BHV Marais feels whenever it sees Mickey Mouse.


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